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broken and bruised

A Bit Broken and Bruised

Hey guys. I only have a rather short post for you today, as I am not allowed to spend much time behind a computer screen at the moment. Because, well… I was riding my horse, when suddenly I decided to take a closer look at the ground. And that didn’t go very smoothly.

I don’t exactly know how or why it happened, though I do have my suspicions, and I can’t remember actually falling, but I do know that when I woke up, I had a very very sore shoulder and everything felt a bit foggy. Like I had been dreaming.

Skip forward a couple of hours and I was sitting in the hospital, with a broken collarbone and a concussion. As it could have been much worse, I am only happy with these “not-so-very-severe” injuries, though it does bother me that I will have to keep quiet for at least a few weeks. And well, yeah, it still hurts a bit, but nothing too terrible.

My darling Emily will have to do without me for a bit.

Honestly, though, it does have its positive aspects as well.

Like I have now had my first ride in an ambulance. Which was not so very spectacular, and I was actually busy arranging people to look after my horse most of the time, but it is an experience nevertheless.

Also I am learning a lot of mindfulness from this all. Not only because I have to take a lot of rest for my concussion (no tv, very little computering, and even reading is quite exhausting), but also because it forces me to focus on what is going on in my body. Now I realise, for example, that I tend to use the muscles in my shoulders and neck quite a lot. As that hurts right now, I can very effectively focus on consciously relaxing those muscles and immediately feel the pain reducing. It really is a good mindfulness exercise.

And most of all, it has shown me how much great friends I have around me. All the people immediately offering to help out with shopping, cooking or looking after my horse, that is just amazing. Especially my lovely roommate who drove over to my horse right away to see her properly cared for after the accident, who then put a lot of effort into taking my bike with her in her small car and was there to pick me up at the hospital a few hours later. Thank you so much! I am so lucky with all those amazing people around me, I couldn’t wish for anything more.

Okay, I think I have really reached my limit for looking at computer screens for now, so I leave you guys for a bit. Hopefully I will be well enough to write a real post soon.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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