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A Small Summer Storm

Rain is not something I’m easily stopped by. But sometimes, it’s just wiser to stay indoors. A couple of days ago I had planned on going for a walk in the evening. It had been a warm day where I hadn’t really done much of anything physically demanding. So a walk would be good, I thought.

2014-07-10 21.11.24comp

That was, until something started rumbling in the distance.

The sky was a clear blue, but I decided to wait for a little while, see if it blew over. Best decision of the day!
For just a few minutes later, big drops started falling. There weren’t many raindrops yet, so it was lovely to sit outside, feeling the freshness of the rain.
That joy didn’t last very long, though. Soon the drops started falling faster and it was turning into a complete downpour!

2014-07-10 21.21.16comp

So I moved my chair to the doorway, where I could sit sheltered but with my feet still put out in the rain. It lasted for quite a while, but with a cup of tea, homemade lentil-spread on toast and a magazine, I just had the most lovely evening!

Rain has just that, the ability to make you feel so fresh and in balance. I think it’s amazing!

Do you ever go out in the rain, just for the fun of it?

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