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autumn in a dessert tray

Autumn in a dessert tray

Sometimes you just have to spoil yourself a little. With a decadent dessert for example. And the best thing about that is that you sometimes get a cute little jar that you can use for lots of things. Like making a tiny autumn arrangement.

When I’m talking about fancy dessert, I mean really fancy. Not just the normal ready made desserts that you can find by the dozen in shops. No, I mean the ones that come in a little jar of real glass. Most shops have them, but you might have to look a bit. They don’t advertise it either, so sometimes you have to carefully shake the box a bit to see if you can hear glass clinking. Then you know you have the right one. And yes, those desserts are often rather expensive, but really, they are usually extremely tasty and you get the jars for free. So, it’s actually quite a good bargain!

dessert yum
So, you have done your shopping, what to do now? Well, first you take a moment to savour the deliciousness of your dessert. Take your time, it’s worth it. After that, wash the jar just like the rest of the dishes. Now the real fun can start.

Go out to collect all sorts of autumnal stuff. Anything that makes you feel glad with the season. Rember to only focus on small things, as your jar is rather tiny. Things like acorns, chestnuts, twigs, leaves, mosses, those are perfect. Just go with it and see what you will find.

inside autumn jar

Back home, you will have to decide whether to make a living arrangement, or a dried one. Based on the stuff you collected, that should speak for itself. If you choose to go for a dried version, spread out your findings and let them dry carefully. For a living arrangement, you can just go ahead right away.

All you have to do now, is arranging your autumn gems in the little tray. How you do that is all up to your own preferences. You could also choose to make two complementary trays, both with a part of your findings. Leaves in one, nuts in the other, or something like that. Just let your creativity run free and be guided by the things you have found.

Enjoy your crafting!

inside autumn jar


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