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Autumn-vibes and blog changes

Guys, I’m so excited autumn is almost here! Even though the temperatures are still rather high, you can already feel the upcoming season in the air. It always fills me with a mixture of nostalgia, tranquillity and inspiration for tons of new things.

I think autumn really is my favourite season. Probably partly because of all the good memories attached to it, and also through the lovely smells and sights everywhere. You know, those beautiful, warm autumn colours, the cute berries appearing all around, and the comforting scents of mushrooms, rain, fallen leaves, all of that. You can’t help but love it, right?

dewy leaves

As for the memories, autumn is always the time when you look forward to the cosy holidays (we have quite a few in the Netherlands, like Sint Maarten, Sinterklaas and of course Christmas). It is also a time when life moves indoors a bit more, when you make your home a warm, welcoming place, when you bake spicy cookies and drink gallons of hot tea. I’m definitely ready to start doing all of those things again soon.

And as part of the inspiration for new things I mentioned earlier, I will also be rethinking my blog a bit. With almost all of my time being absorbed by my work, study and horse, I find I have very little time left to spend in real nature. That makes it rather hard for me to bring you inspiring, nature-focussed content. On the other hand, I am filled with ideas of more close-to-home items for the blog, like recipes, DIY’s, natural living articles and so on.  Of course nature, ecology, eco-friendly living, all of that will still play a significant role (as it is a big part of me too), but in a more applied, home-and-garden, kind of way.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, I’m more than happy to hear them. Either way, I hope you will be back and enjoy the “new” Pure Cottongrass soon. 

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  • Reply Bernette

    I really hope we can enjoy the summery weather a bit longer, but I really like autumn for its wonderful colors.

    I’m looking forward to your ‘new’ blog, and I hope that your changes will make you enjoy the blogging again :)

    Tuesday September 6th, 2016 at 09:07 AM
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