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Back in the Netherlands, and Back to Blogging!

back in the netherlands and back to blogging

Hey everyone, I’m back! I have had a lovely holiday week to complete my time in Norway, and am now settling back into my Dutch life. It’s quite a change, I have to say. But I’m glad to be back!

Our lovely cabin

Our lovely cabin for the last week in Norway

During my last week in Norway, I travelled together with my parents. We stayed in an amazing cabin high up in the Rondane mountains. The cabin was part of an old summer farm and still in original shape. It was the most adorable, peaceful place to stay.

From there, we have been on several beautiful hikes, enjoying the gorgeous nature in the mountains. And I got the chance to go for a half-day ride on an Icelandic horse, in the same beautiful mountainous area. What an experience, amazing!

icelandic horse rondane

And now I’m in the Netherlands once more. It is a bit strange, to suddenly be back into your old environment. And it is even more striking how easy it is to fall back into your old daily routines. It almost feels as if I have never been gone. Getting home, walking over to the horses that are still there, sleeping in the same old bed, getting up to make breakfast with all of the normal tools, it all comes so natural. Have I really just spend half a year 1700 kilometres away from here?

Luckily, then there are lots of small things to remind me of that. My increased walking stamina, for example. Or my love of brown cheese. All of the pictures I have taken. The things I have learned at the riding school. All of those small things that secretly do have an effect. Small as they are, I treasure each and every one of them.

Call me a crazy biologist, but I am going to miss all the lovely mosses.

Call me a crazy biologist, but I am going to miss all the lovely mosses.

But I’m also very happy to be back. All of the green surrounding me once again, I had not even realised it that much, but how I have missed that! Also being with the horses here again, especially my sweet Noortje, that is just pure happiness! And, of course, seeing my friends again after so long. I’ll see most of them again in the next few days, and I can hardly wait!

It is a bit different from the big, snowy mountains, don't you think?

It is a bit different from the big, snowy mountains, don’t you think?

So, for now I’ll keep it at that, and I will write more later this week. Have a lovely day!

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