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The Out Skerries

Beautiful Music Video: Kensington, Ghosts (Skerries)

Have you ever heard of the Skerries? Or the Out Skerries, as they are officially called. It’s an archipelago near the Shetland Isles, between Scotland and Norway. The Dutch band Kensington has filmed the music video for their song Ghosts on this small group of islands, and I think they have captured the very essence of life there beautifully!



A Hard Life
Being very remote and having only around 80 inhabitants, life at the Skerries is not always easy. While most settled people make their living from the traditional trades of fishing and sheep herding, more and more young people are forced to move to the mainland in search for a job. The closing of the only school the archipelago had, which happened last January, didn’t help either.

Even with the sometimes hard circumstances, the lively community is not one to sit around and sulk! There might be few inhabitants, but they are spirited and will fight for their homelands. Together they are strong!

Out Skerries, village

Beautiful Landscape
And let’s not forget about the beautiful nature on the islands! The forces of the sea and the wind are so strongly visible here, having formed the entire landscape. It’s just breathtaking.

Lovely Neighbours
While I have never been to the Skerries, I have visited the Shetland Islands twice and only have good memories from that trips. The nature is beautiful and the people are so very nice and welcoming, it makes me feel warm every time I think about it.

Out Skerries, waves

So, if you ever get the chance to visit the Skerries or Shetland Islands, take it! You will fall in love with the place immediately, I can promise you that! Find out more information on the website of Visit Shetland. (

Would you like to visit the Skerries one day?

Out Skerries, bay

(The images come from the video)

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