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beauty of cold days

The Beauty of Cold Days

beauty of cold days

Somehow cold days bring a certain beauty with them. Even without snow or ice, a cold morning feels enchanting. The way everything looks and smells, the feeling on your skin, the clear sounds, isn’t it beautiful?

church in cold

Only Cold

Snow and ice and frost are all gorgeous of course. But there is something special about just the cold. Whatever other weather comes with it, cold alone has a way of casting a spell over everything. Whether it’s bright and sunny but freezing or if it’s snowing, a lot of the things you will feel are the same.

Wake Up

You probably know the feeling. When you walk out the door in the morning and a sudden wall of cold hits you. You will instantly feel awake and alert. (Well, most of the times) It’s lovely how only cold air can get this result. Take a second or two and breathe in this lovely fresh air. Feel how it fills your lungs and makes you feel ready for the day. A perfect start, right?

city in the cold

A Stillness

On cold days, somehow everything seems to sound different. Voices, engines and city bustle just seem to be further away from you. Like there is some sound-blanket acting as a buffer. But then at the same time, sounds also come through clearer. Softer, yes, but more refined. More pure. I don’t know why, or if it is just a matter of self-deception. But for me, things really do sound different. And I like that.

Perfectly Refreshing

Overall, I love the way cold can make you feel refreshed. If you just take some time to go outside on a cold day, you will feel the amazing effects. The way you will feel awake while you are out, and happy and glowing when you come back inside.

So don’t fear the cold, but wrap yourself up in warm clothes and brave the icy air. It will do you good!

clear cold day



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