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Camp Crashing! (JNM)

Do you like camping in the rain? It is quite nice actually!

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I experienced that once again this weekend, as a good friend of mine had invited me to come and join a summer camp of the JNM for one or two nights.

What is it that makes camping in the rain so nice, you ask?

Well, first of all, there is the freshness in the air. The lovely smell of pines and grasses that fill the air. The sense that everything is washed clean and ready to start all afresh. That combined with being in one of the most beautiful nature areas in the Netherlands, de Veluwe, what more could you possibly want? Just imagine crawling into your sleeping bag with the sound of an owl hooting in the distance, total bliss!

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And then there is also the social aspect of rain. I mean, summer camps are a social thing. Whether it’s a nature camp, pony camp or maybe even a language camp, it’s the people that finally make whether you enjoy yourself, or not. And rain can help with that.

Sitting all huddled together under a tarp has a way of connecting people. You can’t really go anywhere, so you all just talk and sit and joke around. It’s so easy, yet so effective. Even though I only knew one of the people in the group, I felt completely accepted and totally comfortable.

But I have to say, maybe I had felt that way without the rain as well. The organising association, the JNM (a youth in nature union), has a very open and welcoming attitude. I didn’t really know them before, but as it turned out, I quite like them. It was a pity I had to leave before the actual camp had even started. Having to be home the next day, I could only be there during the pre-camp of the crew. But it just might be that I go to one of their camps for a full week someday, who knows?

For more information about the JNM, take a look at their site:

Do you know the JNM? Have you been to their camps before?

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