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City Nature: Amersfoort!

Every city has some hidden nature. In some cases, actual plants and nature can be quite hard to find. In others it may be a lot easier. I will set out to find nature in unexpected places. This time: Amersfoort!

city nature amersfoort 4

At first sight, you wouldn’t expect a lot of nature in the city of Amersfoort. Arriving by train, all you see are enormous office buildings. But on the way to the old centre, more and more green will show itself. And then it turns out Amersfoort is actually a beautiful place with lots of nature!

city nature amersfoort 1


city nature amersfoort 7

Some of the nature is easy to find. It is hanging over fences and walls, standing right in your path, no way you’re going to miss that!

city nature amersfoort 8

But other things are harder to spot. It turns out the walls of the canals are hotspots for wild plants.

city nature amersfoort 2

I found this cute little fern growing on one of those canal walls. To take a good look at them, I dropped my bag, sat on the ground and actually hung on my belly over the rail. Yes, some workmen were laughing their heads off, but well, that’s what you get for being a biologist!

city nature amersfoort 5

And don’t forget, it’s the little things that can make a city green! Always stay appreciating the small plants, even those that we consider to be weeds. They are part of the ecosystem just as much as any other plant!

city nature amersfoort 3

city nature amersfoort 6

So you see, it only takes good looking to find nature. Wherever you are!

What city do you think I should visit next?

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