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city nature in winter

City Nature in Winter

city nature in winter

In summer, it’s easy to find nature in the city. There are flowers and greens popping up everywhere. In winter, it can be a bit more difficult. But that does not mean all nature has gone from the city! On the contrary, there is still lots of it to be found!

winter grass

The Grass is Always Green(er)

Grass is one of those things that never really disappears. It might change its colour a bit, but it will always be there. I think that is a huge relief in the stony environment of a city. Just knowing (and seeing) that you will always be able to find a patch of green is very comforting, even if it is “only” grass.

winter berryBerries!

You might have guessed by now that I am a big fan of berries. They are just lovely! And a very common sight in urban areas as well! A lot of planted hedges are berry-developing plants, just look for them! If you are just as much into berries as I am, why don’t you read more about them in this post?

winter ivyPersisting Ivy

Ivy is one of those plants that will stay green throughout winter. It might be for that very reason that it is rather connected to Christmas. At least for me, it is. But not only that. Growing up, I have always had some building or fence nearby that was overgrown with ivy. And I think most of you will have one or two such fences in your close environment as well. They are great for providing a sea of green, even in the darkest and coldest days of winter.

winter colourEven Some Flowers

Believe it or not, I even managed to find some flowers on my nature hunt! And it was not that difficult at all, really. So even after a couple of days of frost, you might be lucky and find a lovely flower on the side walk.

winter mosses

Remember, Mosses are Nature Too!

And when all else fails, and you really can’t find any nature in your city, there is one last hope: mosses. Small and insignificant as they might seem, these little wonders of nature are actually very special. Even more so because they remind us that nature does not always have to be huge and spectacular. They tell us something very small can be a miracle of nature as well, and we should appreciate and cherish that just as much!

What is your favourite bit of city nature during winter?

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