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sunrise on the beach of Terschelling

Conference on the Isle of Terschelling

sunrise on the beach of Terschelling

Hey guys! As I mentioned earlier, I spent the last few days on the beautiful isle of Terschelling. I was there for a sustainability conference, called Springtij Forum. But I got to enjoy a bit of the island as well.

First off, I’ll very briefly explain what Springtij is all about. It’s an annual conference that focuses entirely on sustainability. People from all fields of profession attend, and that makes it very interesting, because there are so many different views and ideas on how to make the world a better place.

I especially like the setting of the event, which is very informal. Everybody is encouraged to wear casual clothes and the organisation is very relaxed. And that in turn creates a very open and easygoing atmosphere. For example, the last morning, the plenary session was held in the dunes, instead of in a conference room or lecture hall. Sitting there together in sand, with the morning sunshine on your faces, it creates a feeling of togetherness.

plenary session on the beach

I’m not going to bore you with all the details of the conference, but I can tell you that it was very inspiring. Sometimes surprisingly eye-opening too. Over all, I have had a great time, met lots of amazing people and attended some very interesting workshops. So, thank you Springtij organisation!

For those of you interested in joining next year’s conference, take a look at their website and read more about it.

lecture in the dunes

Of course I spend some time in the real outdoors of Terschelling too. I mean, being there for a few days, and not seeing anything from the island, that would just be sad. So whenever I had a bit of time to spare, I tried to use that to enjoy some nature. It’s such a lovely place, especially now, when it’s all quiet again after summer and you can smell the autumn everywhere, it’s great.

Terschelling view

One morning, I skipped one of the workshop rounds, and cycled to the beach instead. Just that hour of cycling, walking and sitting in the lovely area, it made me feel restored and relaxed in an instant. Taking a break, I sat down and listened to the soft sounds all around. The only things that could be heard were birds, the wind and the sea. Amazing. Oh, and I found some gorgeous mushrooms on my way back to the town. Don’t you think they look like something out of a fairy tale?

taking a break in nature

beautiful mushrooms

I hope you had an amazing weekend as well, and have a great start of the week.

view of Terschelling



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