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Cotton on to Walking

In the recurring “Cotton on to” posts, I’m going to introduce all kinds of outdoor sports to you. Let yourself be inspired and try something new this weekend! Or if you do or have done the featured sport, I hope this will encourage you to go out and be active. It’s just so much fun!

I think I might be crazy. It’s about 30 degrees Celsius outside, and I decided to go walking. At 1 p.m.!

2014-07-18 13.26.29comp

In my defence, it’s usually a bit cooler in forests than in urban environments, so that bit was quite well thought. Only the movement-produces- warmth bit was kind of unfortunate.

2014-07-18 13.40.49comp

In just a couple of minutes I felt like jumping into the nearest puddle of water. Which was a drinking trench for cows, so I decided walking on might be a better idea.

Extreme conditions aside, walking is one of my favourite ways to get out into nature. Or one of my favourite forms of exercise, for that matter.

It’s just so easy, you put on your walking boots, and off you go! Nothing else needed!

2014-07-18 13.27.27comp

And then, it’s all up to you! Whether you want a short stroll around the neighbourhood, or a long day of hiking through forests, you can decide! As long as you (more or less) know where you’re headed, you’re good.

Walking is an amazing way to get everything of your mind. You just walk and take in everything around you, that’s all there is at that moment. It could be some kind of meditation, really. And of course, most of all, it’s great way to get to places!

2014-07-18 13.28.19comp

So, I know it’s quite warm right now, but when you go in the early morning or later in the evening, walking still is a great way to just get out and clear your mind.

Are you going to set your alarm tomorrow morning, to take an early-morning walk?

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