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Do you feel autumn coming?

While summer is still in full bloom, and you might not yet want to think about it, autumn is already on its way.

autumn signs 2

If you look closely, you can already spot the first signs.

autumn signs 1


Some mushrooms here, an acorn there.

autumn signs 3

Obviously, preparations are still in full swing. The acorns, for example, are far from ripe. But they do tell us summer won’t last forever.

And you know what, I’m actually looking forward to the colder days of autumn. The lovely scents that hang in the air, the changing light, the opportunity to wear fuzzy sweaters, it gives such a warm feeling inside!

autumn signs 4

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Summer is still here and will last for a while. So let’s enjoy that for the time being!

What are you most looking forward to in autumn?

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