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leaf with drop

Early Morning in the Forest

Oh, how I love being in the forest early in the morning! Everything is so fresh and it is so quiet all around!

leaf with drop

When I was walking around yesterday morning, I heard something rustling. At first I thought it were some people, but I couldn’t hear voices, nor did I see anyone. I have to admit it made me feel slightly uneasy. But because I didn’t see any direct cause for alarm, I went on taking pictures and wandering about.

dark forest

Being a bit absorbed by the options of my new camera, I spent quite some time at the same spot. Starting to walk for a couple of meters, then seeing something nice and stopping to try and take a picture. I was pottering about like this for I think at least fifteen minutes, every now and then hearing the rustling sounds again.


It was only when I decided I should get my move on and try to cover some miles, that I realised what the sounds had been. Once my movements became more focused and direct, the deer that had been standing in the bushes suddenly saw me as a threat and ran. I couldn’t believe it! All this time two gorgeous deer had been standing not twenty metres away, and I had not realised it!


Unfortunately, they were gone too fast to take a proper picture. So for lack of proof, you will just have to believe me on my word. Maybe next time, though!

dewy field

To end with a bit of advise: if you happen to be in the forest, at any time really, but especially on quiet times. Don’t be to engrossed in taking pictures to forget about the actual nature around you! It’s nice to have something to look to at home, but being in the here and now, enjoying the nature, that is what it truly is all about!


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