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What to Eat in February

What to Eat in February

what to eat in february

Time flies! I can hardly believe it is February already. Only a short time before it will be spring again. But until then, these veggies will fill your stomach, making you happy, healthy and satisfied.



Hardest Month

February might be the hardest month for seasonal eating. With winter nearing its end, so are the storages of food. In former times, there might even be question of whether or not there would be enough to eat. Luckily, nowadays, that is not the problem any more. But if you like to eat seasonal, it can be hard to create variation in you meals. The veggies listed are in season now, so you can use those as much as you like. And to make your dishes more interesting, it is also fine to use some frozen veggies from your local shop (or from your own storage).

what to eat in february list


Happy Cooking!

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