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How to Enjoy Nature Without Walking

How to Enjoy Nature Without Walking (a Lot)

how to enjoy nature without walking

As I already mentioned in last Saturday’s post, I have broken my toe. Luckily it is nothing very serious. But I did have me disabled a bit over the last week. As I soon got weary from sitting indoors and watching movies, I had to find other ways to occupy my days. For all of you suffering some kind of injury that hinders your walking, here are some ideas on how to enjoy nature without actually having to walk a lot.

enjoying the view

Sitting Outside

Well, even if you can’t walk that much, it does not mean you can not go outdoors at all. Now instead of going for a walk, just pick a spot nearby where you can sit nicely. Wrap yourself in layers of warm clothes and enjoy being outside for some moments. Look around, feel the wind or sun on your skin and fill your lungs with fresh air. Even fifteen or twenty minutes of sitting like that will make you feel more alive again.


In my case, luckily, I’m still pretty capable of cycling. So that makes a nice alternative to walking. You can get somewhere, and even if you don’t have a destination, it will give you some exercise and  outdoor-time. If you can cycle, why not make a trip to a friend or go on a short tour through the area? It will get you out of the house, into the fresh air and setting body to work for a bit as well. Perfect, right? (Don’t over-do it, though. Your body will still need energy to heal your injury.)

Get Creative

If you are not able to go outside, or if you are looking for something indoors to do as well, it is time to get creative. Literally. Even inside, there is so much to do that will have you enjoy nature! Why not go potting some plants, or making some bird cakes?

Note: Although it does not directly have a lot to do with nature, my personal favourite when not being able to go outdoors is baking cookies. If you have not yet experienced the therapeutic effects of cookie baking, you should definitely give it a try! Making a big batch of delicious cookies always works for me when I feel a bit down or have to take my mind off of things. I will get you feeling more energetic, happy and zen, trust me!

Last weekend, for example, I made these peppermint chocolate coconut cookies and a slight adaptation of these gingerbread men. They were delicious and perfect for the holidays!


A Cup of Tea and a Windowsill

And for those of you who really have to keep still for a while, or if you are in need of a break, there is always the option of watching nature from your window. Make yourself a nice cup of tea, settle in the windowsill or in a chair in front of a window, and go on a nature hunt. Whatever the view from your window might be, there is bound to be some form of nature visible. Can you spot birds, small plants, other animals even? Be aware of those little things and take some time to appreciate them.

Whatever the reason for your inability to walk, I do hope these tips will help you enjoy nature a bit more!

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