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Walking with a Pony

Exploring the Forest with a Shetland Pony

Exploring the forest with a shetland pony

Sometimes it’s best to enjoy nature by yourself. But other times, you need someone else to share it with. You don’t have to talk, just being there together will say enough. The one you are sharing with doesn’t even have to be human. Some moments a horse (or dog) might be the best companion one could wish for.


Meet Bindy!

Needing to Get Outside
That was exactly the case for me this weekend. Yesterday I really needed to clear my head and was in desperate need of some fresh air. So I took Bindy (the Shetland pony at the yard) with me and together we headed for the forest.



It was a lovely, yet rather stormy afternoon. Leaves were rustling everywhere, mushrooms had popped up all over the forest, and there was a certain freshness in the air, but it was far from cold. Just perfect!

oak leaves

Oh dear! Rustling leaves everywhere!




pony at the moors

One of my favourite parts of the forest: a small clearing with lots of heather.

A Busy Day in the Forest
Despite the rain, there were still quite a lot of people enjoying the outdoors. I always find it funny how people react to me walking with the small hairy pony. Of course, there is the occasional ill-mannered kid that runs at you while yelling that he “found a pony, really, found a pony!” When that happens, I usually try to explain that horses get easily scared and they should be careful about them. But with a pony who just craves attention and cuddles, I’m not so sure my point comes across very well.

pony forest

The sounds, the smells, the sights. It’s all so exciting!


Meeting Nice People
Most of the time, though, I meet tons of nice people who think the small pony is cute/beautiful/funny. Sometimes they just smile at you, other times you have a nice chat with them and their children get a chance to stroke Bindy’s long mane. (But only after they have asked if they are allowed to!) Today there was a little girl of about five years old, who was amazed when she felt how soft Bindy’s nose was. It was really endearing! Encounters like that always leave me with a smile and feeling warmed.

pony selfie

Did we really make a selfie? What was I thinking? Well, let’s share it than as well, right?

Deserted Paths
When we ventured a bit further into the forest, it became less crowded and soon the paths were mostly deserted. Wading through thick packets of fallen leaves and choosing our path through partly overgrown paths, soon all stress had left us, and we were just fully content. Stopping for a break every now and then, listening to the sound of the wind in the trees and the raindrops falling down, we both felt completely happy.

A well-deserved cuddle, while Noor (the black horse) is happy her best friend is back

A well-deserved cuddle, while Noor (in the background) is happy to have her best friend  back

After arriving back at the yard, both Bindy and I were quite soaked from the rain, but feeling relaxed and content. Amazing what a bit of nature and fresh air can do!

Do prefer to go into nature alone, or accompanied by someone else, human or animal?

Note: As Bindy is only about 90 cm in height, of course I’m always walking besides her, and never sit on her back. Don’t worry about that.

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  • Reply nothingprofound

    Walking through the woods with a Shetland pony as a companion sounds like an absolutely enchanting way to spend an afternoon. Something out of a fairytale.

    Monday October 20th, 2014 at 08:59 PM
    • Reply Inge

      Yes, thank you! It really is! Although sometimes Bindy can be quite a hand full, most of the time, it is just magical walking with her.

      Tuesday October 21st, 2014 at 10:42 AM

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