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Favourite books lately

To me, February is always a bit of an in-between-month. All festivities are now really over, but it is a while before spring will arrive. I love how it is the perfect moment to do some extra reading, to pick up the books that I have not yet been able to give the attention they deserve. Here are some of my favourite books at this moment.

Rain – Melissa Harrison

rain - melissa harrison-min

This small book is everything I could wish for in nature writing. I love the topic (which is rain, unsurprisingly) and the elegant way in which Melissa Harrison describes her surroundings. It contains four parts, each recounting a walk in the rain in one of the seasons. The book is not something to read on the go, but it is perfect for those quiet moments alone when you can give it your full attention. Make a cup of tea and let yourself be transported into one of the beautifully described downpours.

The nature of things – Lucretius

Ever since I studied Latin and Greek in school, I have loved reading essays from ancient scientists. I think this work by Lucretius is especially interesting to everyone working in science nowadays. It is a poetry work, in which Lucretius tries to explain many natural and social phenomena. It is particularly striking how close he gets to the truth sometimes, referring to things like atoms while their existence would only be proven about two thousand years later. He covers all sorts of issues, so there will be something for every scientist to be amazed about. The translation by E.A. Stallings is also very good.

little book of hygge - the nature of things-min

The little book of hygge – Meik Wiking

I love the Scandinavian concept of “hygge”. Not just because it is some kind of trend right now, but because the term is just very useful and nice. It indicates something like cosiness or warmth, but comprises much more than only that. There really is no proper translation. However, this book manages to explain the concepts, and provides lovely ideas for adding some extra “hygge” to your own life. Reading it transports me back to the lovely old cabin we stayed in during a weekend trip in Norway. The book is exactly what you need during cold, dark February days.

Merchant & Mills Workbook

merchant & mills workbook-min

This gem caught my eye during last weekend’s handicraft fair. It offers “a collection of versatile sewing patterns for an elegant all season wardrobe”, which means there are six basic patterns/ideas, with several proposed variations. The patterns are all quite straightforward, but executed beautifully. And because the items have such a simple look, the fabric you choose has a huge influence on the final piece of clothing you produce. I love how the books allows for your own creativity to be involved in the process. I still have to find out if the patterns work well, but it definitely looks promising. I hope to make my first item this weekend, so I’ll keep you posted!

What are your favourite books right now? Do you have any gems that are still waiting for your attention?

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