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Favourite holiday destinations norway

Favourite Holiday Destinations

Have you chosen where to go on holiday this summer yet? Let my four favourite travel destinations inspire you.

1. Norway

I was really struggling to decide on the number one of my list. Shetland and Norway are both amazing! But as the UK is quite well represented anyway, I though Norway could be first. And really, with those forests, highlands, clean air, icy brooks, wooden houses, I think it is well deserved. Although you have to be a nature lover to appreciate Norway’s beauty, if you are indeed a fan of the outdoors, then you just have to visit this country of beautiful wilderness.

During the time I lived in Norway, I have seen many aspects of Nordic life, and it kept amazing me how much nature and outdoor sports are a part of everyday life there. Almost every Norwegian I knew there loved to hike, could ski and on top of that usually had a couple of other outdoor sports they liked to do. Amazing!

If you decide to visit Norway (which you must, really) pay attention to your timing. You can either go in winter, around January/February/March to go skiing. Or you can go in summer, but be sure to wait until at least the end of June before you go there. Otherwise many museums, tourist attractions and even campsites might still be closed.

Also, be sure to pack warm clothes and sturdy hiking boots. If you do all that, then I’m absolutely sure you will have an amazing time!

(By the way, feel free to ask me for any recommendations, especially in the Trondheim area I know quite a lot of nice places)


Rondane, Norway

2. Shetland

So, Shetland. It’s a bit of an unknown travel destination, I believe. Very different from Norway, in that respect. But definitely just as spectacular in nature, maybe even more beautiful. Only it doesn’t have forests like in Scandinavia, for you will not find any cluster of large trees at all on Shetland. Trust me, none. As long as you are okay with that, you will be enchanted by the highlands, the cute valleys and the spectacular coastlines. And to add to the fun, there are also lots and lots of cultural things to see and do. There are archaeological excavation sites to explore, nice galleries to visit and lovely little cafes to enjoy a cup of tea and some homemade cake. In fact, there is so much to do, I will spend a whole post on travel tips for Shetland next weekend. It will make you book a holiday there right away!

Eshaness, fotoshoot Ingeborg

Eshaness, Shetland

3. England

Don’t you just love the cosiness of England? After the first two more rough travel destinations, England gives a bit of a softer holiday option. Of course you can still go and walk in the mountains or along spectacular coastlines, but you can also choose to stay in a sweet B&B, walk the streets of terribly cute little villages, go shopping or just drink lots and lots of tea. England is so very diverse and every part has its own special charms. What I like most are the fields with all the lovely stone fences and the amazingly picturesque villages. And you can go for amazing walks as well. You could even decide to walk (part of) one of the many long-distance routes. But, whatever you plan to do, be prepared to face some rain when going to England. I’m sure it can be very sunny at times too, but I have mostly seen a lot of rain on my holidays there.

Exmoor, England

Exmoor, England

4. The Isle of Terschelling (the Netherlands)

For those of you living in the Netherlands, Terschelling is a bit less of a far off destination. But it is definitely just as much fun. The great thing about Terschelling is that it has a little bit of everything. There are the forests, dunes, grasslands and of course the beach. Every part has its own character, leaving enough options to do something different whenever you want to. But wherever you go, you will smell the fresh, slightly salty air. I can’t even really describe it, it is just this amazing freshness and lovely smell. I have been on holiday on Terschelling so many times and already from when I was very young, so that that smell instantly takes me back to countless happy holiday moments. You can enjoy many hours of walking and cycling on the island, but horseback riding is also very much fun there! And don’t forget about all the other things to see and do, you will not get bored, trust me!

Some of the dunes on Terschelling

Some of the dunes on Terschelling


“het Groene Strand”, Terschelling

Where will you spend your next holiday?

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