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First Blackberry of the Year

Hooray! The first ripe blackberry has been spotted!

2014-07-07 13.27.04comp

While some of the plants are still flowering, others have already formed young berries. Today while I was walking, I spotted the first few ripe blackberries!

I couldn’t wait to make an apple and blackberry crumble, hot and sweet out of the oven, yum! While this is baking, your whole kitchen will start to smell just mouth-watering, perfect to gather everyone around for when the crumble is ready to eat. This crumble always does the trick to cheer up my housemates!

The wild blackberries may not be completely ripe yet, at least not enough of them to make a pie. So I cheated a bit and bought some blackberries at the market.

2014-07-12 14.15.33comp

The recipe is actually quite simple and you can vary with the used fruits if you wish. If you prefer pastry that is a bit more sweet, you can add sugar or honey to the crumble.

Apple and Blackberry Crumble (serves about four)

–          Two small apples (medium sweet)
–          150 grams of blackberries
–          100 grams of flour (preferably whole-wheat)
–          40 grams of rolled oats
–          50 grams cold butter
–          Two tablespoons of (vegetable)oil
–          ½ teaspoon cinnamon
–          ¼ teaspoon salt

Preheat your oven to 180° C.
Cut the apples into small dice and mix with the blackberries. Put into baking tray. Add a pinch of cinnamon and a squeeze of lemon-juice.
Mix flour, cinnamon and salt. Add butter and oil. Hack away with a knife to cut the butter into small chunks without letting it melt.
Then quickly use your hands to form a loose crumble from the mixture, make sure the butter doesn’t warm up too much, you don’t want it to become a sticky mass.
Then evenly sprinkle crumble on top of the fruits.
Bake for about thirty minutes. The pie is finished when the fruit layer is bubbling and the crumble is a nice golden brown.

Serve steaming hot, warm or completely cooled. You can also add some yoghurt, that way it could even make a delicious breakfast!

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