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Five Chores to do to Prepare for Winter

Five Chores to do to Prepare for Winter

five chores to do to prepare for winter

Ah, Monday mornings!

Waking up to a new week, all ready to start fresh and inspired. While enjoying a delicious breakfast, I thought about my schedule for the week.

With some more free time available than I usually have, there would be room for some less urgent chores around the house. The perfect moment to get everything set for the colder days that are coming!

Here are five chores to do to prepare for winter as best as you can.

Stack up on supplies

You know me, most of my lists start with all things food related. Today is no exception. This time, you can’t really blame me for it, right? Everywhere in nature, preparing for winter is all about gathering enough supplies. So why don’t you start preserving or freezing veggies, cooking up jams and compotes and mixing up a big batch of granola? Right now, locally grown fruits and veggies are still available quite a lot, so this is your chance!


Clean your windows

Who likes to splash around with water in freezing temperatures? Nobody, right? So give your windows one last good cleaning now, while temperatures are still relatively mild. That way you will start you winter with gleaming windows, and when it gets colder, maybe a quick polish will be sufficient.

Air your blankets

On those long winter nights, there is nothing better than to curl up on the couch, cuddled in a soft blanket. To clear them from all the dust they might have gathered over summer, hang them outside on a beautiful day. No sneezing from dust mites for you this year!


Make a winter-nature-plan

During summer, you can just go out into nature wherever and whenever you want. In winter that might be a bit more difficult. Because of the shorter daylight, you can’t go out in the evening. To compensate for that, try to see if you can fit in short walks during your day every now and then. Maybe during a break?

Also think of places you can visit when the weather is really bleak. If you have a list ready with options where you can walk in sheltered terrain, it will be easier to get yourself out of the door on those stormy days.

Clean out your bookcase

Last up is your bookcase. Even when you have kept it perfectly clean, it might have become a bit overcrowded. Somehow my bookcase always harbours a couple of books that got stuffed behind others. When you clean out your bookcase, you could find some of those hidden books again. Maybe those books can supplement your winter reading list? Otherwise, set apart the books you don’t really want to keep any more. Maybe you can make someone else happy with them.


Good luck with your chores, and keep in mind why you are doing them. Think about how fresh your home will be when you are finished, and how satisfied that will make you feel!

What is your “favourite” chore to get ready for winter?

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