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Five Minute Morning Nature Boost

Did you feel fresh and energetic this morning? Right from the moment you set foot out of the door?

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Starting your day right can be quite a challenge. Whether your night was too short, you didn’t sleep well, or you are just not a morning person, having a slow and sleepy start is probably familiar to you. To make getting started a little bit easier, here is my Five Minute Nature Boost!

First off, decide on the location of your daily boost. Do you live in a green area, or do you have nice patch of greens on your route to school or work? That would be ideal. It doesn’t have to be perfect, a couple of trees or a sidewalk with some grasses and herbs will work just fine!

Found your spot? Next, calculate five minutes for your starting dose of nature into your morning routine. Really make sure the time is there so you won’t have to feel rushed. Those minutes are there for you, take them!

nature boost 4

Now write down these questions or memorize them. These are the questions you are going to think about, when standing or walking around in your small piece of green.

– What do I smell? Where does that come from?
– Can I hear the nature? (leaves rustling, insects buzzing)
– Is there any force of nature now physically influencing me? (for example rain, wind, sunshine, etc)
– Do I note something that is different from the last time I was here?

Spend the entire five minutes on these questions, and only five minutes. Sometimes you might think it is too long, other times it might be too short, but stick to the timing. That way it will be easy to keep your morning boost in your daily routine, because you know exactly how long it will take.

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After a while you may find that other questions come to your mind, and it is ok to think about those as well, as long as they make you conscious of the nature around you.

When you have finished the five minutes, take a deep breath, feel the effect of the nature inside you, and move on with the rest of your day.

nature boost 3

I hope you will feel energised by this morning routine! Please let me know how it works out for you!


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