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Five Tips for Green Living in College

Five Tips for Green Living in College

Green Living in College

As a student, it’s not always quite as easy to maintain a green lifestyle. But don’t let that throw you off, it’s still perfectly possible!


The two main issues you will have to face as a college student wanting to live green, are money and time. Two quite essential things that you can not easily multiply. Luckily, that is not necessary! You might be surprised to learn that even with very little money and even less time, green living is still possible!

  1. Organic Eating
    Let’s be honest, you have to eat, right? That’s kind of inevitable. So here is a perfect opportunity for you to make green choices. Even though it would be great if you could make a small detour to your local organic store, that’s not even completely necessary. Most grocery stores nowadays have an ever growing range of organic products, so try to track those down. Sometimes there is even no price difference between organic and normal products. Try to find out for which products that is the case, and buy those
  2. Choose seasonal
    While we’re still at the topic of food, there is one other thing you can easily adapt in your shopping routine. As I have mentioned in previous posts, it is better for the environment and for your own health to eat seasonal produce. Plus it will bring the taste of the season to your plate, making you feel one with the world around you. No need for more convincing, right?
  3. Thermo Regulation
    Most of you will probably have their own thermostat, and therefore be in control of the heating of your room. Make use of that for your green living! It’s really no effort to turn the heat down just a little bit, but it will differ for the climate, and for your electricity bill! True, it will be slightly cooler in your room, but pulling on an extra sweater or cuddling up in a blanket will make you feel more cosy and winter-y, right?thermostat
  4. Recycling
    This tip might even be superfluous, for most of the college students I know are already quite skilled in recycling. But when you are at it, try to up that even more. Maybe you can think of some other creative ways to reduce your waste and give stuff a second (or third) life.
  5. Use electric equipment smart
    Heating a pizza, baking cookies or cakes, cooking up a beautiful pie, I think students use the oven quite a lot. I know I do! An oven uses up a lot of energy, but is so useful I am not going to tell you to stop using it. You can try to greenify your oven use though, by using it for several purposes in a row. When heating up your pizza, whip up some cookie dough and slide that in the oven when your pizza is ready. That way you only have to heat up the oven once, which in time will lead to a lot of energy saving.oven

Use these tips and you will see that green living is really very easy, even for you!

What is your best tip to start living green?


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