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Five Unusual but Great Outdoor Sports

Five Unusual but Great Outdoor Sports

Five Unusual but Great Outdoor Sports

Looking for something new to try this weekend? Or even looking for a completely new hobby? I kind of am. When I found myself suddenly with quite some free time at my hands, I decided it would be a good thing to pick up exercising more again. Apart from going to the usual courses at my sports centre, I looked at some other sports as well. That’s how I came acroses these five sports that are a bit more unusual. What do you think of them?

Radical Changes
These past two weeks, I’ve been going through a rather strange time. Two weeks ago, on Monday, my year as a board member of the study association for biologists in Wageningen had ended and I had to leave the board. Being in the board basically determined my whole life, or at least the biggest part of it. Leaving that part of my life behind was both a sad thing and a relief. Most of my duties were just great fun to do and being in the board has certainly been one of the most amazing years of my life. But at the same time, it did absorb a huge amount of time and energy. Apart from studying, board duties and the occasional writing, there was not much space left for other things.

Spare Time Re-Invented
And now that has ended. A bit sad, but also, suddenly, I have tons of spare time! For example, last week, to “celebrate” my freedom and to finally get some proper rest, I spent two entire week nights at home. Two whole evenings free to spend, it was such a luxury!

free time

What to do now? Let’s get sporty!
Of course I had already made long lists of things to do after my time as board member had ended. One of those things was to get in shape again by exercising more. Together with one of my house mates, I am going to go to the gym at least twice a week from now on. But to make things more exciting, I have also been looking at other sports. Preferably something that can be practised out in nature. These five caught my attention. I’m not sure if I will be able to try them all, but making one more list can’t hurt, right?

Here are five unusual but great outdoor sports!


Take walking or running in the forest to the next level with orienteering! The objective of this sport is to complete a route by finding all of the check-points. At the start you are given a map and a compass to help you find your way from point to point. The winner is the person (or team) that has completed the task in the smallest amount of time. To stand a chance, you should be in good shape and know how to navigate. It sounds like the perfect combination of exploring the outdoors and getting some serious exercise!


Secretly, we would all like to feel like the heroine of a movie, right? Firing arrows while racing along on an unbridled horse. Well, that might be a bit of a long shot, but starting to learn archery is a good start. It’s often practiced indoors, but you might find yourself lucky to be able to locate an outdoor training area nearby. One word of advice, though, don’t try to learn it by yourself. You might hurt yourself or others. So seek out a proper trainer who will teach you the art in a save way.

Tree Climbing
Who hasn’t climbed in trees as a kid? To be honest, I didn’t do it a lot. But that is not the point. What it’s about here is that you can actually turn tree climbing into a real sport. It’s a combination of climbing skills, but then in a different setting. I do want to note here that you should not just climb any tree. You don’t want to damage the tree, or yourself. So please, just don’t. Rather look for a tree climbing association, they know best how to get you started.

mountain top

Sheep herding
Is this even a real sport? I’m not sure, but you do have to walk a lot while herding sheep, so I think it counts! While a shepherd and his sheep have an idyllic appeal, the actual herding is not that easy at all. You have to work together with your dogs as a perfect team, letting them know what you want the sheep to do. Obviously, you need dogs and a herd of sheep to get started. So that might be a bit difficult to overcome. But maybe you could try and see if a shepherd will let you tag along for a while. I would love to try it someday!


There is no snow yet, but winter is coming! To prepare yourself for the real cold days, start training your skiing-muscles in advance by using rollerski’s. Although the idea (and sight) might be slightly ridiculous, rollerskiing is actually a tough and demanding sport. I’m guessing a proper rollerski training might leave your muscles quite sore the next day, so you will know you have worked hard.

Which sport would you like to try?

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