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Forest in the City

Forest in the City

forest in the city

A month in Trondheim and I think I’m actually in love with the city. If there is such a thing. I had just started to realise that when I stumbled upon an actual small forest in the city. After that, there was no doubt any more, I’m in love with Trondheim.

a forest in the city

Unexpected Discovery

Last Sunday, it was a lovely, sunny day. There had been some fresh snow the night before and I got out for a walk around the city. I wanted to explore some new terrain, so I walked over to a part I had not been before. And then, suddenly, there was a forest. I had seen a green patch on the map, but had assumed it would be a field of grass, or a well-kept park. But instead, it was an amazing piece of wild nature.

footprints snow

view over the city from the forest

An Actual Forest

Most of the time, when there is an area of green in a city, it is a park, or a field for playing sports. But not here. Even though I could have expected it, starting to get to know what Norwegians are like, it still surprised me. I have never before seen such relatively wild nature inside city limits.

a fortress and a forest

little tree in the snow

A Quiet Place

What also surprised me was the fact that is was so quiet in the forest. Being so close to the city centre, it seems to be the perfect place for a little stroll. Especially on such a beautiful Sunday like it was. But although there were some people walking around, it was nowhere near crowded or busy. I guess that is because most Norwegians prefer to go out into bigger nature during weekends. And though I can see why, with the beautiful nature surrounding the city, I also quite like spending some time in the “tamer” nature of this darling little forest. It’s just such a lovely, quiet place to enjoy. Even on a Sunday afternoon.

path trough the city forest

Trondheim, My Love

Things like this, a small forest, the greens everywhere, the gorgeous houses, the overall way of living, it all adds up to make an amazing city. It’s not a big city, nor a very cosmopolitan one. But that might just be the great thing about it. Everything you need is there, but there is no stress, no feeling of insecurity. Only an amazing city. And I love living here. Simple as that, I love Trondheim.

A forest in a city, that is just about as amazing as city nature can get. Don’t you think? 

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  • Reply Wandering Justin

    I know some cities in cold climates have Nordic ski tracks. Does Trondheim have anything like that? If I ever move to a snowy place, Nordic skiing will be my first new hobby!

    Monday February 23rd, 2015 at 04:23 AM
    • Reply Inge

      We don’t have any fixed tracks in the city, as far as I know. But a lot of people go skiing around the place, when there is enough snow, you will see people walking with their skis everywhere, it’s amazing! :)

      Tuesday February 24th, 2015 at 03:48 PM
  • Reply Mandy Sharon

    Wat een leuke ontdekking! Een heerlijke plek om even tot rust en tot jezelf te komen lijkt me. Met prachtige uitzichten! X

    Sunday February 1st, 2015 at 09:49 AM
    • Reply Inge

      Het is zo’n fijn plekje, ik was helemaal blij toen ik het vond. Toen ik er vrijdag was, waren de paden veranderd in ijsbanen, maar het is alsnog een heerlijk rustig plekje! :)

      Sunday February 1st, 2015 at 11:55 AM

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