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Four Tips to Start Walking

Four Tips to Start Walking (as a sport)

four tips to start walking

What are you doing this weekend? Maybe you would like to go for a walk. If you have no experience with walking, it might seem to be hard to get started. But it doesn’t have to be! These four tips will help you to a flying start.


Take it Easy

First of all, keep in mind that everybody has to begin somewhere. Even if you are a complete beginner, that is no problem. Be easy on yourself and recognise that every step counts. Adjust your walking distances and pace to your own fitness. Go for a short walk around the neighbourhood as a start. When you come home, evaluate how you feel. If you feel a bit tired, then this might be a good distance to start with. If you still feel full of energy and not tired at all, then you can choose to make your walk a bit longer next time. The important thing is that you do it at your own pace!


A walk around town is a good start

Keep Things Interesting

It might be that you think walking is a bit boring. Especially if you often walk the same route, it can feel as a task, rather than a nice pastime. That way it can be easy to give up on walking too soon. So to prevent yourself from getting bored, keep it interesting. It might sound silly, but force yourself to look around. What trees, plants, nature and houses do you come across? And are they different now than they were last time? Maybe something has started growing, maybe you see another walker wearing a funny hat. Treasure those things, enjoy them. That way you will start to connect walking with moments of joy, and finally making walking in itself a joy.

Consider a Buddy

If you still find it hard to keep interested, you might consider looking for a walking buddy. It completely depends on what kind of person you are whether or not taking a buddy will work for you, but it is definitely worth the try. Walking with someone else, you will get to talk and share things you see, again to keep it interesting. Besides that, having a set meeting with your buddy will motivate you to go out. Now you can’t just postpone walking till tomorrow because your buddy will be waiting for you. It is only a small incentive to get you walking. And as soon as you are outside you will probably be thankful for it!

snowy shoes

Don’t forget to put on good shoes!

Feel the Changes

To keep yourself motivated after the first enthusiastic start, be aware of your body. Pay attention to all of the (small) changes you can feel in your body. After only a few weeks of regular walking, you can already see results. Cherish these changes, use them to feel even more motivated for walking. You are becoming stronger, healthier, maybe even losing some weight (if that is a goal for you). It is good to be proud of yourself for making that happen. After all, it is all you that is doing the walking. Feel proud of that and keep up the good work!

summer path

Start training now, and you will be walking paths like this in summer!

Have fun on your walks!

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