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It is so warm all of a sudden! It has been quite summery for the whole week, but now the temperatues have really gone up another notch. And what better way to celebrate summer and find some cool, than by eating ice cream?

That was my way of thinking this afternoon. I had been outside with my horse the whole morning, had gone home to very quickly freshen up and was off again traveling by bus and train. And all that with such heat. No surprise, I was desperately craving something cold to eat when I got to the first big station where I had to change trains.

So I went in search of something to fulfill my needs. I have to say, at times like these, not eating refined sugars can be really limiting. But I was pleasantly surprised to find a “pure fruit” ice lolly at the AH to go. On closer inspection, it turned out to still contain some sugar. But with 70% strawberries, it was by far the most healthy option. And it was all organic! Despite it being quite expensive, I decided to treat myself and gave it a try.

It was pure bliss! The whole thing was so tasty and refreshing, and with a really intense strawberry flavour. Amazing! I would definitely recommend this ice lolly to everyone, whether you are a foodie, health freak, or just normal human being.

As I do think € 2,35 is a lot of money for some strawberries, water and cane sugar, I will try to make my own version sometime soon. And then I can mix up the flavours as well. I will let you know how that goes and of course I will post a recipe as soon as it is perfected. Until then, please all try this ice lolly if you are looking for healthy refreshment while traveling.

For now, have a great weekend and enjoy the weather!

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