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getting fit feeling incredible

Getting fit, feeling incredible!

getting fit feeling incredible

Damn, I think my abs just kind of died. But in a good way. You know that feeling? How a tough workout can make you feel great afterwards? And even better in the long run, of course. I’ve only quite recently discovered the great joys of getting really fit, and I just have to share it with you all!

You know, growing up, I never was much of a sports person. I have always loved horseback riding, but that was about the only sport I would willingly involve in. After finishing high school that slowly started to change, but never really took off. I would go to the gym every now and then, run a bit, do some pilates, but always a bit haphazard.

And now suddenly I have found the way. I don’t really know why. Maybe it was living with all the sporty Norwegians. Maybe I just have too much free time this summer. But whatever it was, I am very grateful for it! These past few months of exercising more have given me so much already. So may I try to convince you of the wonders of working out?

up above the clouds

Working out in itself already gives lots of satisfaction. You might feel tired afterwards, but you did do it. You did just run 5 kilometres. Or you did complete a whole set of tough pilates exercises. Or whatever it is you did. And you can be proud of yourself for that. Feeling like that is such a nice, healthy reward, it is a bit addicting even! (But in a good way, I believe)

And when you can do a bit more every time, that gives such a boost too! The first weeks I did running more like a chore than that I actually liked it. But now that I feel the progress and how I can run a bit further every time, it really is getting fun. A few days ago I woke up looking forward to my run, and I quite surprised myself with that! So you see that fighting through those first weeks of starting up will be worth it.

But the best reward is how you will feel over a longer period of time. Not only will you feel stronger and more energetic, like you can conquer the world, you will also have shorter recoveries. To speak from my own experience, for example, you know I went on a walking trip a few weeks back. On the second day, I walked a distance of over thirty kilometres. It’s not an insane amount, but only a year ago, it would have made my muscles sore for days afterwards. Now I felt tired at the end of the day, but got up the next morning feeling completely rested and fit to walk again. All thanks to being more fit overall.

walking in the mountains

And to be completely honest with you, I have to admit that I’m also quite pleased to have a more toned body. Working out and being fit is so much more than looking good, but it’s a nice side effect. You know, like an extra bonus. However, I believe that only working out for looks should never be your aim. It’s more about the process, about getting fit. But if wanting a bikini-body is what gets you started, you might soon find out the other advantages yourself!

Basically what I want to say is that getting fit will really make you feel great. And if a former non-sports person like me starts to say that, than it has to be true! ;)

Oh, and what made my abs die right now? That was the 1000 abs challenge from Blogilates. You can find it here.

I’m curious to hear how you feel about working out and what your favourite kind of exercise is, so please leave a comment!

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  • Reply Anoniem

    Hi! I am now for 1 year on a high school in the USA, I play american football, when school is out we train 2.5 our every day… :) thats my sport :)

    Wednesday August 12th, 2015 at 03:59 PM
    • Reply Inge

      Wow, that is quite a lot! I can imagine that to be tough, but very nice too, getting fit and having a team! :)

      Wednesday August 12th, 2015 at 07:04 PM

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