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a glimpse of spring

A Glimpse of Spring

a glimpse of spring

It’s still only February and spring is far away. But every now and then, a sunny and warm day comes around to make you feel like spring is just around the corner.

sunny city

Change in the Weather

Some days, suddenly the temperature jumps up a couple of degrees, the sun shows its face and the air just feels softer. At those times, you can really feel like spring is near. There is often still snow on the ground here in Trondheim, but the few degrees extra warmth seem to make a huge difference. Now with the sun coming in, you can’t help but start thinking you might have to get out your summer jacket soon.

Happy Days

On a sudden early spring day, I always feel so happy. It might be the sun, or the prospect of spring, or whatever unconscious effect this change in the weather has, but it makes me smile. The birds seem to feel the same way, when suddenly they start singing brighter than they have in months. “Spring is here, let’s sing!” they seem to say. Last week when it was a day like this, I literally walked around with a huge smile on my face. People were looking at me a bit strange, but so be it. The first days of spring always fill me with so much energy and happiness.

sunny buildings

It’s Green!

Not only birds are suddenly more evident, plants may steal the show as well. Though it is too early for flowers yet, plants do seem to be more green on those sunny days. Young shoots are emerging from their resting phase here and there. If you pay close attention, you might see them. The brave little plants, trying their luck with the weather. If they will make it, who knows? But they have seen a bit of sun, en we have been able to enjoy them, at least for a moment.

Take the Moment

So when one of those days comes around again, make full use of it! Go out, walk around, enjoy the sun, let yourself feel energised by the feeling in the air. And if you really don’t have the option to go outside, then try to let spring inside by opening up you windows. Let the light and fresh air stream inside to fill your home or office with the positive feeling of spring.

I hope the first days of spring make you feel just as happy and energetic. Make the most of it!

spring forest


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