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Why You Should go out into Nature During the Holidays

Why you should go out into nature during the holidays

shy you should go out into nature during the holidays

As I was walking on Wednesday morning, I got outpaced by a man in his fifties pushing a baby cart. While I felt mildly humiliated at first, I also reminded me that being outdoors is good for everyone. So here is why you should go out during the holidays, even when it is raining!



This first one is kind of obvious, or so it seems to me. During the holidays, we tend to sit inside a lot and eat more than we usually do. Which is totally fine, really! As long as there is some exercise to counteract. Moving will set your digestive system working again, burning the extra calories and also making you feel less bloated. That way, you will not feel slumpy and dull after a day of festivities. Due to the exercise, you might feel a bit tired, but you will also feel more energetic and positive than you would after sitting still all day.

Fresh Air

Another thing that is often lacking during the cosy festive days is some fresh air. A room that is crowded with people can quickly become stuffy, making all the guests feel tired and dopey. To prevent that, take everyone for a quick walk around the neighbourhood, or even better, to the forest. And if it is raining, well, that will only make you feel more refreshed afterwards!


Quietness for the mind

Personally, I like going out on my own as well. How nice and cosy holiday parties may be, they do absorb a lot of energy, especially in the social and organisational aspect. Going out for just an hour or so will relax your mind a bit and recharge your social capacities. Just walk, cycle or run for some time and open your heart to the green and fresh around you, letting it still your mind. You will feel recharged and inspired again in an instant, I promise!

Finding special things

As most people tend to stay indoors during the holidays, or only take a very short walk close to their homes, it is worthwhile to walk a little bit further. Especially on occasions like the first day of Christmas or New Year’s Day, or when it’s raining, nature areas are almost deserted. It is on such days that you will have a big chance of encountering rare animals or finding special things along the path. Who knows what you might find.

Are you going to enjoy the outdoors this holiday season?

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