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Goodbye Little Fiffy!

Most of the time, I like to share happy things with you. Today is a bit different I’m afraid.
Remember the little foal I wrote about? (Meet Fiftycent). Unfortunately, he has passed away yesterday.

We will probably never know why, for it was completely unexpected. One day he is running around the yard, the next he is missing and turns out to lie somewhere in the long grasses.

Goodbye Fiftycent!

But of course, these things happen, it’s all part of the cycle of life. And, to be frank, inevitable when dealing with horses, or any domestic animals, for that matter.


In regard to that, I would like to share a quote from “The Diddakoi” from Rumer Godden with you. Kizzy has just lost her horse, and the groom Nat shares some wisdom with her.

That was what Nat said. ‘You have to swaller this.’ Kizzy, almost automatically, had gone to him in the stables where he was hosing down Flavius, a colt who had a swollen leg. ‘Swaller it down. Joe was a hoss and, like it or not, hosses won’t last you all your life. The come and they go; dealin’ with hosses you have to learn that.’”

It might sound a bit harsh, but there is nothing more to do. Of course it’s alright to shed a few tears, to mourn for the horses you really, truly loved. But then you have to move on, that’s life.

So, I’m sorry for the sad post today, but I felt I wanted to share this with you. Tomorrow will be happier, I promise!


Have you ever lost an animal you loved?


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