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Great Idea: Veggie Subscriptions

You have probably heard of “veggie subscriptions”, right? You know, the system where you pay a monthly fee to get a fresh box of veggies each week. My flatmate and I have recently subscribed to such a thing, and it is great!

There are really two sides to a veggie subscription. It does limit you in your menu choices for the week, as you have to involve the veggies you got. That might seem like a difficult thing to cope with.

But on the other hand, it forces you to become creative. You will have to use the veggies, so try and find a way to include them in your meal plan. For some things that might be harder than for others. This week, for example, we had very easy carrots, which you can use for almost anything. But there was also some paksoi in the packet. I have hardly ever used that before, so that will probably result in some experimental cooking.

Luckily the company publishes a list with the week’s veggies on their Facebook page a few days in advance, so you can anticipate on it in the rest of your shopping.

The other advantage of a subscription is that you (usually) automatically will be eating seasonally. Our veggie bag mostly contains vegetables produced inside the Netherlands and only occasionally something from another European country. That way, it will almost always be seasonal produce, without us having to look up which veggies are in season. Perfect!

basket of veggies

My flatmate and me share a one person’s veggie bag, as we do not eat at home every day and it would be too much for one person. An extra advantage it brings is that if one of us really doesn’t like something, the other can probably use it instead. And about the rest of the veggies, we just negotiate who gets what. It works perfectly!

Veggie subscriptions are available almost everywhere now (at least in the Netherlands), so go on and look for one in your area. You will be amazed at how much joy it can bring!

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  • Reply Sandra HippoLogic

    The veggie subscription I had in The Netherlands came with recipes, which was really a huge plus since we got many unfamiliar veggies in the basket.
    I know in North America there is a similar thing. I haven’t looked into it though.
    Are all the veggies & fruits organically grown?

    Friday April 29th, 2016 at 06:24 PM
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