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grey skies, just look at the ground

Grey skies? Just look at the ground then

grey skies, just look at the ground


… for there is so much beauty to be found! It’s not all about dramatic sceneries and rose coloured sunsets. Sometimes a few sprigs of grass or a tiny flower can be just as gorgeous.



If you just take a moment to look at all the greens growing around this park bench. It’s in a small playground, surrounded by houses. But see how many different, lovely things there are growing!


bench with green


Or take such a nice tree trunk, or these very cute, very small mushrooms. I know they’re not extremely spectacular. Maybe not spectacular at all. But does it make them less beautiful? Isn’t it really being surrounded by such tiny things of beauty that makes a person truly happy? I think it is. At least for me , those things turn a fine day into a great one.


tree trunk with greens

tiny mushrooms


And even if there is no solid green on the ground, how about a few branches of a blackberry bush? They often grow in the most unexpected places. This one was growing at the edge of a construction area.


blackberry branches


So, even if today might be a bit gloomy and grey, there is enough beauty on the ground to make you smile. Oh, and if you want to train yourself in seeing more in the sea of green, just take a look at this picture. How many different shapes of leaves can you find?


count the leaves


Have a great weekend!

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    Best advice ever: Grey skies? Just look at the ground then. I like it! The world is a beautiful place and it is worth it to take a good long look around. Life is short.

    Friday September 4th, 2015 at 05:04 PM
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