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Kefir Overnight Oats

Kefir Overnight Oats

Since moving to Norway, I have been experimenting with local food. As I had eaten kefir before and liked it very much, I decided to try it in oatmeal. And I must say, these overnight oats using kefir instead of milk or yoghurt definitely are a success!

frozen berries

The evening before: the berries are still frozen

I know I only just recently wrote about overnight oats. But this version is rather different, and it is so good that I couldn’t keep it from you! The tangy freshness of the kefir, combined with the soft flavour of the oats and the sweetness of the fruit, it’s just delicious!


Some of you might know what kefir is, others might not. In short, it is a yoghurt-like dairy product, but different bacteria are used in the making. The bacteria used are more slow-acting than in yoghurt, so the whole fermentation process takes a bit longer. That preparation method leads to several health benefits of the drink, one of them being that very little lactose remains. As for the taste of kefir, it like it very much. It is rather sour and gives a bit of a prickling feeling in your mouth, but in a nice way. (Like those sour candy things) It’s hard to describe, so I would suggest you just try it at least once. (But if you’re not used to sugar-free eating, you might want to add some sweetener!)

kefir and berries

Where to Find Kefir?

In Norway and Russia (and probably Sweden, though I’m not sure) you can just find cartons of kefir in the supermarkets. I know that in some Dutch supermarkets you can find it as well. Especially in the more alternative organic food stores, I think. If you cannot find it, but would still like to try, you can very easily make your own. You can buy “kefir grains” online and use normal milk to transform into kefir.

overnight kefir oats

Kefir Overnight Oats

What you will need:

  • About 30 grams of rolled oats
  • About 150 ml of kefir
  • Some fruits (mixed berries are my favourite)

How to:

  • The night before, put oats and kefir together in a bowl.
  • Stir well and cover with a lid or clingfilm.
  • Leave in the fridge overnight.
  • Top with fruits in the morning (see note)
  • Enjoy your delicious and healthy breakfast!

Note: If you are using frozen fruits, like I usually do up here in the north, you can just add them frozen to the mix in the evening. They will be thawed in the morning.

Have you ever eaten kefir before?

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  • Reply Wandering Justin

    During the summer, I make something very similar to this …. Greek yogurt, almond milk, cinnamon, raisins, oats and some sort of sweetener (usually honey or preserves). Delicious!

    Saturday January 17th, 2015 at 03:46 AM
    • Reply Inge

      Ooh, that sounds delicious too! I might go and try that one soon as well! :)

      Saturday January 17th, 2015 at 08:52 AM

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