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Merry Christmas!

Christmas is really here now! Ever since yesterday, my parents’ home has been constantly busy with baking, food-prepping and laying a last hand at the preparations in the house. And tomorrow it will finally be time to enjoy all the delicious food and nice company.  

Food and Christmas just belong together. It doesn’t even have to be very extravagant or luxurious. Only just taking the time to prepare food with love and then spend ages enjoying all the flavours, that makes it the biggest joy of all.

As I said, to me, Christmas is for a big part about food. But there is more. Harry Potter films for example. I don’t really know why, but they just belong to Christmas as well. Probably just because they are always aired on tv around this time of year. However it may have come, I love watching those films (and reading the books) in the weeks before Christmas. Just this Monday, I have curled up with Harry Potter and the Philosophers’ Stone, a cup of tea and my amazing new Christmas socks. (It’s reindeer heads on the ankles, aren’t they gorgeous?) Harry Potter and Christmas socks. And what more makes Christmas? Well, I think mostly having time to really relax. And listening to endless streams of Christmas music. And sparkling decorations everywhere. And getting all glammed up for breakfast/brunch/dinner. And… well, again, food!

Seriously though, I am very, very grateful for being able to have such a comfortable home to stay, amazing family to celebrate with and my darling horse in my absence being looked after with the greatest care.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and appreciate every little joy it brings you. Merry Christmas

Ps. For those of you wondering, the snow in the first picture is fake, sadly…

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