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Monday Shorty: Beware of the Ticks

Now that May has started, the outdoor season has really begun. That means lots of time to spend outside, exploring nature. But it also brings with it the risk of tick bites.

As most of you probably already know about ticks, I’m not going to talk about it too much. I just want to give you a short reminder and ask for a small favour as well.

Ticks are tiny animals that mostly live in bushes, grasses and small shrubs. They hang around, waiting for their meal to walk by. If their prey comes stomping through the plants, the ticks just climb onto the large animal or human, find a nice spot to stay and bite down into their skin. It can then stay there for quite some time, weeks even, until they are completely filled with blood.

I know, I love summer dresses too. Just try to avoid walking around in high grass and such, or at least check for ticks very carefully.

I know, I love summer dresses too. Just try to avoid walking around in high grass and such when wearing them, or at least check for ticks very carefully.

Being bitten in itself, though unpleasant, is not dangerous. The problem lies in ticks often carrying lyme’s disease, which they can transfer onto us by biting. To avoid getting lyme’s, you should basically just avoid getting bitten by ticks. You can at least decrease the risk by covering your legs and ankles so that no bare skin is in contact with the plants.

But, of course it can still happen that you get bitten. That is no reason to panic, either. Just make sure you check for ticks every time you have been out in nature, so that you will be able to remove the tick as fast as possible. (Use a tick-removal-tool for the most efficient removal) After that, keep an eye on the place where you have been bitten over the next weeks. If a red circle appears, make an appointment with your doctor right away to get an antibiotics treatment.

If you do all of this, you can enjoy your outdoor adventures without having to worry.

Finally, I have a small request for my Dutch readers. If you do happen to get bitten by a tick, please report your bite on the website With your information, we can get an even better overview of the occurrence of ticks in the Netherlands.

So, watch out for ticks, but don’t let them ruin your fun in nature. Have a great week!


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