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baby swallows

More Babies at the Yard

What do we have here? Even more babies at the yard?

baby swallows

These little cuties have their cosy little nest in the sheep’s pen. Aren’t they cute? Or maybe a bit weird… But anyway, I couldn’t hold these from you!

They already start to grow some feathers, but their eyes will probably not open for another week or so. All of which only makes them more alien looking and helpless. Lucky for them, mom and dad are there to feed and defend the nest!

baby swallow

As for the actual nest, I am always a bit in awe when I see such an intriguing construction. Using not much more than old straw, clay and some horse hair, the parents somehow manage to construct a firm and durable housing. Just look at it, it’s amazing!

swallow nest

Do you have or had any swallow nests around this year?


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