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Natural Date Ideas

Natural Date Ideas for Valentines Day

natural date ideas for valentines day

It’s almost valentines day, a day to celebrate love. If you have got a boyfriend, husband or first-time date, enjoy the day with a romantic date. I listed some ideas for nature themed dates so you can start planning already.

surfing at sunset

Take a Walk

Maybe not the most original idea, but an all-time classic nonetheless. Walking through a beautiful area of nature, taking in the sights and sounds, breathing fresh air, that is a lovely thing in itself already. And sharing that with your date makes it even more special. Talking, enjoying the outdoors and each others company, I think that is quite romantic.

Seasonal Dinner

Preparing a romantic dinner is also one of those classical date things. But why not change it a bit. You could agree that each of you will make one or two courses, using only (or mostly) seasonal or regional produce. Or you could surprise your date by preparing a whole seasonal meal all by yourself. Either way, you will be forced to think better about what you will cook, and with that you will let the other know you are willing to put in an effort.

Visit a Wildlife Rescue Centre

If you are looking for something with more distractions, maybe because you are going on a first date, or maybe you just want to really do something on this day, visiting a wildlife rescue centre can be the perfect thing. Find out if there is one in your area and enjoy looking at the animals, and possibly reading their stories.

map reading

Working out the route on a map can be really bonding

Take a Boat Trip

For the explorers among you, a boat trip is the thing to do. On the condition that there is water in your area, of course. Take a round trip in a gorgeous area or visit a close-by island. Since it is still winter, make sure you dress yourself warm enough, it can be cold on the water. (Which also gives you a good reason for snuggling into the arms of your date.)

Go on a Picnic

Have you ever been on a picnic during winter? Probably not, right? It can be a lot of fun actually, especially on a date. It can be quite romantic to sit in a lovely place covered with a warm blanket while drinking hot chocolate. Most parks and nature areas will be rather quiet at this time of year, so you have the opportunity to enjoy the moment, have a good conversation, get to know each other, or just enjoy the quiet sounds of nature all around you.

Play Kites

Another more active date is to go and play kites. If there is enough wind, you can look for a spot with enough open space and give this sport a go. With a proper kite, you can actually do some amazing tricks. After you have got the hang of it, that is. And as kiting works best when you are not alone, it is perfect for a date.

picnic date

Go on an Wildlife Excursion

If you are looking for a more adventurous or informative activity on your date, a wildlife excursion might be just the thing for you. See if there is any possibility of joining a forester or ranger on a guided walk. They usually know a lot more about the area than any other person, so they will be able to tell you a lot of interesting things about the nature around you. Plus you will be active and outside, which is always nice.

Visit a Museum

And finally, you can always opt for a museum. If all else fails, if the weather is terrible, if you have broken a leg or if your date is not really into the outdoors, than there is the old museum date. There will be lots of things to see and talk about. And if you visit a natural history museum or anything of that kind, you will still be able to get some nature in.

And if you don’t have a date, just gather some friends for a “date” with one of these activities. Have fun!

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