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Natural Easter Decorations

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Easter is a moment to celebrate the return of life. All around us, nature is awakening from its hibernation. Fresh green shoots emerge, flowers begin to bloom, bees start buzzing around again, there is new life everywhere.

So what better way to celebrate Easter, than with decorations that capture the essence of young life? With some bright, fresh, natural materials, your house will soon feel brimming with life.


Nothing captures the feeling of emerging life as perfect as flowers. They are fresh, they are alive, they often smell delightful, what more could you ask for? For Easter, bulb flowers like narcissus or grape hyacinth are perfect. And what about a handsome little pot of crocuses? There is no need for a grand bouquet, a cute little pot of these flowers here and there will give a fresh feeling to the whole house. Put them in a light place, but not in direct sunlight, water them every now and then, and you can enjoy your beauties for quite some time.


It is amazing how much spirit an “ordinary” twig can bring to a place. Especially branches from the curly willow tree (also dragons claw willow, Salix babylonica ‘Tortuosa’) make an excellent decoration around Easter. Their smooth, but very curly twigs give a fun, natural hint. Use some strings to hang them in front of a window, or place them on your breakfast table. If you have such a willow nearby, try to find some fallen-off branches. (Please don’t damage the tree for your decorations.) Or buy some twigs at your local garden centre, they often sell them as well.

natural easter decorations


Who said food can’t be a decoration as well? Fruits are bright, fresh, colourful. Everything you want your Easter decorations to be. Why not use a cute basket of citrus fruits or a bowl of green apples to brighten up the place? And if these decorations start to disappear over the weekend, well, that is no problem, right? It only means you enjoyed the fruits in every possible way.


You might not directly think of grass, when finding indoor decorations. But a bit of grass actually makes a very nice decoration. It’s really simple, and quite fun. Just fill a pot, jar or old soup bowl with some potting soil, scatter some grass seeds on top and water regularly. After only a couple of days, your own miniature lawn will be growing. It doesn’t wither (as long as you keep watering it every now and then) and adds a bit of lovely, fresh green to your home.


And then there is of course also still eggs. They don’t even need to be colourfully painted to be decorative. Just putting up a small basket, or even an egg carton, with some eggs in it will give an instant Easter feeling. You can make it more fancy by using other eggs than hens’. Just try to find some nice eggs with spots or a different natural colouring, they will surely make a lovely sight. (And if you don’t wait too long, you can still eat them after they have served their decorative purpose.)

How will you be decorating your home this Easter?

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