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Nature in a Bag of Tea

Nature in a Bag of Tea

nature in a bag of tea

Have you ever looked closely at a bag of herbal tea? If not, you definitely should. I suddenly realized how lovely the contents of a tea bag actually can be, let me show you!

herbal tea

More Than You Think
One evening last week I felt a bit down and wanted to comfort myself with a cup of chamomile tea. While I waited for the water to come to a boil, I started to study the contents of the tea bag. It was a bag of Starbucks’s chamomile blend, so I expected to see some chamomile flowers. But the other lovely nature I found, that was quite unexpected!

Do you know what you drink?
It is actually quite strange that you don’t know what is in your tea usually. I mean, you know there are some tea leaves or, in case of herbal teas, some dried herbs. But how many times have you actually really looked? I know I haven’t. And to think that I drink about five or six cups of tea on an average day, without really knowing what is in it, what a shame!

chamomile tea blend

Medicinal Drink?
So, back to my chamomile tea. Of course there were some dried chamomile flowers, and as the package had promised also rose petals. The rose petals were really recognisable with their bright pink colours. For there rest, there were a lot of other herbs as well. Some things that looked like dried grass, some parts of flowers and a bunch of crushed leaves. It all looked so natural and fresh. Like something a wise old medicine woman would put together for a healing drink.

After discovering this tiny bit of nature, I had to keep myself from ripping open all the other teas in the house. Of course, they don’t all contain whole dried flowers or herbs, but you’ll never know! I just might take a little peek at the other herbal teas I have as well!

Have you ever looked closely at the contents of a tea bag?

chamomile tea

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