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A Busy Nature Area

A Busy Nature Area

a busy nature area

Last weekend, my parents were visiting me in Trondheim. We got to eat together, walk around the city and behave like proper tourists. And we went for a trip to the Byåsen nature area. There was beautiful nature and snow, but also quite a lot op people!

snowy mountain

Where has the winter gone?

Over the past months, I have been telling my parents about the snow and ice that were lying around the city. But then, when they were coming to visit, suddenly spring had started. So instead of snow and ice, there was sunshine and temperatures of almost ten degrees! A bit of a let down maybe. Preparing yourself for a cold country, only to find it all warm and almost more sunny then where you came from. Not that I am complaining, for the weather was perfect to walk around town and enjoy the views!

Snow, somewhere…

But, if you are in a Scandinavian country in winter, you should try to find some snow. Because the Byåsen nature area has some higher hills/mountains, it would probably be colder and hopefully covered in snow there. So on Saturday, we hopped on a bus in search of snow. As soon as we got on board, we realised we were on the right track, as the whole bus was crowded with people in skiing attire. Perfect!

plants under the snow

“Quiet, Lonely Nature”

With beautiful weather and snow still on the mountains, it was no wonder some Norwegians were going out to ski. But to see all the parking places along the road completely filled, that was something we had not quite expected. When you think about it, it is not so strange. A lovely nature area close to a city, on a beautiful spring day. No wonder that it will be crowded. Even so, it did take us by surprise a bit.

parking place and mountain

What a View!

But even though it was rather busy, we had a lovely walk up a mountain. Most people were skiing on the lower parts, and only a few others were walking this route. So we had some peacefulness in this gorgeous snowy landscape after all. Granted, we came across other people every five to ten minutes. But still, taking everything into account it was a nice walk with some beautiful views over the surrounding area. In the distance, higher mountains were clearly visible, their peaks still completely covered in snow. Closer by, lakes, hills and trees made a lovely scenery. With the clear sky and sunshine, it was truly an amazing sight.

Perks of Busy Nature

Arriving at the starting point of our walk again, it was a pleasure to enjoy a break at the hytte. At this cabin everyone enjoying the outdoors is welcome to rest a bit and have some refreshments. After our walk, some tea and waffles with jam and cream were a delicious treat. Also being able to take a city bus back to the centre was certainly a nice thing. So although some more remote nature might be favourable, this busy nature area definitely has its perks as well!

Have you ever been in a nature area that was just too crowded?

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