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A Fresh Start for Emily and Me

Ever since our accident a few weeks ago, I have been rethinking my relationship with Emily. And I have come to realise that we may have rushed into things a bit. It all worked quite well, really, but I think it could become even better.

When Emily first got here, of course I gave her a few days off to get used to her new home. But soon after that we started riding and going about our normal business. It all worked quite well, and we both had fun. But I now realise could have done with a little more “team-building”. (Ugh, I hate that term)

Dozing in the sunshine, while I put her blanket back on

Dozing in the sunshine while I put her blanket back on. It was very stormy weather, that’s why her hair is looking so crazy.

It is strange, for as much as I love natural horsemanship and like to follow its principles, somehow doing exercises on the ground got lost in all the “newness” of having my own horse. I did do some work with her to build trust and understanding, but it could have been so much more.

So, that is what I’m going to start with from now on. Being forced to stop riding for a while, because of my injuries, it might have been a good thing, in some ways. For as soon as I will be recovered enough, I can start really working on trust and understanding with Emily. We will just start all over and slowly build up from there.

Even now, I already feel the effect of spending more time just being near her. As I can’t do much more with her right now, I like to sit and watch her, or spend a whole hour just cuddling with her. When we can build that up to doing some easy exercises or maybe going for short walks, what a difference that might make already!


Sweet Emily!

Sweet Emily!

The doctor told me this morning that I can start riding again in a month. By that time, Emily and I should have created a much stronger bond than before, and can start adding little bits of riding to our trainings. But even then, I will make sure to still include other exercises in our training schedule.

To celebrate our new beginning, I bought a new bridle. The old one had unfortunately not survived the accident, but it was very old already anyway. I had bought the old bridle years ago second-hand somewhere, and at that time it was perfectly right for the circumstances. But now I decided to go for a brand-new, anatomically formed bridle. It will fit Emily’s head much more comfortably (hopefully taking away some of the issues we’ve had with riding), plus it looks absolutely gorgeous! The leather is so smooth and beautiful, the seams stitched to perfection and the fit on Emily is amazing. I have honestly never owned such a beautiful piece of tack. Wow! You can’t really see the anatomically formed headpiece between all the fur, but it has a lovely curved shape so it will give her ears ample room to move. For those of you who want to know, it is a Dy’on working bridle, I got one in brown leather but it is also available in black.

Don’t you think it looks great on her? (I know, she was not really in the mood for having her picture taken, I’m sorry for that)


Emily showing off her new bridle

Emily showing off her new bridle

Okay, I’ll stop talking about Emily (or the new bridle) for now, otherwise you will probably start to think I’m way to crazy about my horse. Next time I will write about something else again, promise!

Have a great evening!

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  • Reply Mary

    Nothing wrong with writing about what’s near to your heart as far as I’m concerned. Lovely new bridle! Wish you many happy hours together even though you can’t ride right now.

    04/02/16 at 10:28
  • Reply Sandra HippoLogic

    Wat een prachtig paard. Veel plezier met je nieuwe hoofdstel en vele fijne rij-uurtjes gewenst.

    03/02/16 at 22:28
    • Reply Inge

      Dankjewel! Dat komt vast helemaal goed :)

      04/02/16 at 07:27

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