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A fuzzy caterpillar! (Acronicta aceris)

Look who fell out of a tree!

Acronicta aceris

Poor thing! This fuzzy little fellow was looking around quite dazed after he had been catapulted out of the oak tree where he was sitting.

Acronicta aceris 2


It is the caterpillar of the sycamore moth, Acronicta aceris. Although the colouring of the moth is actually a bit boring, you can see the caterpillar has a spectacular look! In dutch, this species is called “bont schaapje”, which means something like “multicoloured little sheep”. Can you see why?

Hairy Caterpillar

Note of advice: Although this species is probably harmless, hairy caterpillars can cause severe irritation of the skin. So be careful not to touch them!

What is the most special caterpillar you have ever seen?

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