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a happy early morning

A Happy Summer’s Morning

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Mornings used to be my favourite part of the day already. And on these hot summer’s days, that is even more so. Today, for example, was the most lovely morning. Nothing extremely special, but still a moment of pure happiness.

lovely rose

After days of heat and warmth, this morning the thermometer showed it was only twenty degrees Celsius. We have not had such cool for almost a week. It’s still warm, but gives the air a sense of freshness. And it makes it possible to try and cool down the house. With all the windows open to let air through, I hope it can cool down before the temperature rises again today.

That done, I went over to the chicken coop. We had gotten some new chicks yesterday, and I wanted to check up on them to see if everything was okay. Luckily it was. They were all scrabbling around the coop, making little, content noises. By the way, our new chickens are so sweet and cute! I will tell you more about them tomorrow.

dewy flower

So, assured that everything was alright around the house, I happily started making breakfast. As I had already woken up for a moment at three, hungry and looking forward to my delicious breakfast, I was glad it now really was the time to start making and eating it. I had a yummy chocolate, banana and strawberry oatmeal today. Summery, fresh, but filling. Hmm!

The strawberries were from a farm stall we passed yesterday on our way to the chicken breeder, and they were absolutely delicious. Sweet, full of flavour, with a fresh hint, perfect! You could really taste them to be real “farm strawberries”, as we use to call them.


After breakfast, it was time for a little round through the garden. Enjoying the smells of early morning and the lively colours that are at their most pretty right now. After living in the slightly less green Trondheim for months, I now appreciate all this green even more. It may sound a bit dramatic, but without this variety and amount of greens around me, I really felt myself withering away. I never thought it played that big a part in my life, but now I do, I will make sure I will never forget it again! I’m just not whole without my beloved plants around me.

And that brings us to this moment, where I’m sitting in the garden, writing a blog post. Once again I realize how lucky I am, especially on mornings like this.

I hope you enjoy your Sunday (morning) too! Have a great day!

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