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All those leaves

You must have seen all the luscious greens outside lately. It’s hard to miss all that abundance, right? Have you noticed how many different types of leaves there actually are?


At first sight, the roadsides and any other bit of nature just look like a mass of greenery right now. But if you take a closer look, you will see how different each plant is. Not just in the overall shape, but also in the type of leaves and the shade of green is has. All these individuals together make a bunch of greens so much more complete and beautiful.

To be honest, I never really noticed this. Not consciously at least. Until last year when I came back from Trondheim. In Norway, I was outside a lot and spend many afternoons surrounded by nature. But while the Norwegian nature is absolutely amazing, they only have so much diversity in green plants. So I realised I missed something in nature, although I couldn’t quite put my finger to it. It was only when I got back, right the moment we drove off the ferry onto the German all the leaves.-minmainland, I knew what it was. It was all the different kinds of trees and leaves and shades of green. The whole mixture of that really overwhelmed me. Suddenly I felt so happy, having all that green around me. I remember saying to my parents (who had come to pick me up in Norway) something like: “all those different trees mixed together! Wow!” as if it was the most magical thing in the world. And then I just spend I think at least half an hour staring out of the window of the car. I actually even had tears in my eyes, I just felt so happy and complete again.


Well, of course I can’t expect you guys to be moved to tears by a couple of leaves. I know I am a bit of a strange person when it comes to nature. But I think all of you will be able to value the abundance of leaves and spectre of green colours around us. If only you take a few minutes now and then to look around. It can even be from the window of a bus or train or along the road to your work. All that matters is that you try to see more than just a blur of green. Because once you do, once you see all that abundance and beauty, you can’t help feeling content and happy.


Oh, and for those of you who would love to hear more about leaves. I will post a short guide leave types on Friday.

Have lovely day!


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  • Reply Sandra HippoLogic

    I had the same thing when I discovered my blueberry blossoms have turned into actual (green) berries! I’ve planted them last year and they are not even suppose to bear fruit the first year. Love it!

    12/05/16 at 18:19
    • Reply Inge

      Aw, that is great! I love blueberries, let’s hope yours turn into nice, tasty berries even in their first year. :)

      13/05/16 at 20:19

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