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Beautiful, lush roadsides

Don’t you just love how everything is abundant and alive at the moment? It is in the amount of veggies and fruits available from local farmers, in the flocks of birds singing their songs, in the number of insects buzzing around. And even closer to home yet, in every bit of green around.

If you look around for just a moment longer than you usually would, you will see the vast abundance of green around you. It can be in a real nature area, a patch of fallow land or even something as simple as the bit of grass along the side of the road.

I am sure that everybody comes across a bit of green somewhere on their daily activities. Let’s just say that that is indeed a strip of grass on the roadside. Can you tell me, is it just grass? And even then, is it only one type of grass? Probably not, right? If your roadsides are anything like the ones in my area, they might be filled with different kind of grasses, flowers, herbs, baby trees even. All it takes is just a few seconds of extra attention to notice that richness.

lush roadside-min

Having so many different plants living in a small space is very pleasing for the eye. It just looks much more alive, more beautiful really, than a simple lawn with only grass. And it is much better for the soil too! As different plants have different needs and traits, they can complement each other. The resources one plant uses can be refilled by another, and so together they keep their own little ecosystem intact.

And then I haven’t even mentioned the benefits for insects and small animals yet. You can imagine that with so many insect species, they will probably prefer different flowers to forage for pollen and nectar, different leaves to munch on and different types of herbs to keep themselves healthy. A mixed vegetation on the roadside can offer all that.

When you next see a bit of wild-ish grass, think of how there are dozens of species living on that tiny patch of land. It is an amazing thought, isn’t it? And even if you can hardly imagine so many things living there, at least take a moment to enjoy the abundance of colours, shapes and textures. Cherish the beauty of it and try to keep that bit of happiness in with you for the rest of the day.

Have a great week!

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