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Bondensmarked: Farmers’ Market in Trondheim


Last Saturday the first farmers’ market of the year took place in Trondheim. I went to take a look and was pleasantly surprised. The marketplace was filled with beautiful stalls selling local and organic foods. Let me show you some of the beautiful foods.

brussels sprouts

organic sausages

Style and Friendliness

The first thing that you feel upon entering the market place, is a sense of peace. Not only are all the stands decorated in matching, stylish ways, they also emit a cosy, friendly atmosphere. You feel welcome and happy right away. Which is probably something a lot of people felt, as the market is buzzing with activity. Most stalls are strikingly busy, but still the owners share a smile and a chat with every customer.

organic veggies

jams and preserves

Organic Experts

One thing is certain, Norwegians know how to do organic food. All the stalls sell organic, or at least local, food. And they all manage to do that in a sophisticated, tasteful way. Pretty jars of jams and mustard, mouth-watering hunks of bread and impressive slices of meat are all tempting you to take them home with you. What is clear is that these foods have all been produced with love and care by people devoted to their trade.


nyroykd laks

Justified Splurges

With all this mouth-watering food around, I felt a bit overwhelmed to be honest. I had told myself beforehand that I was allowed to buy some local produced specialty, as a special treat this weekend. So after walking around for a while, thoroughly looking at all the wares, I decided to go for a jar of organic summer honey. I was out of honey anyway, and I would like to see if honey from here tastes very different. I will write more on the honey in a later post. And then I went a bit crazy and also bought a warm, freshly baked “svele”, a sort of thick pancake, topped with berry jam. Because it was Saturday, and it’s ok to treat yourself a little bit every now and then, right? And I have to say, it was delicious!

nystekt svele


market overview

More to come
Needless to say, I left the market as a very happy girl. All those lovely stalls and great looking (and smelling) foods, that just makes a person smile. Luckily, this was not the only time the market would be held. It will be on different locations as well, and the next time in Trondheim will be on the 7th of March. I can hardly wait!

Find out more about the Bondensmarked on their website.

fresh sausages

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  • Reply Honey from Bjørka - Pure Cottongrass

    […] time ago, I wrote about how I visited the Bondensmarked in Trondheim and bought some honey there. I promised to tell you more about that honey and where it came from, […]

    16/03/15 at 06:01
  • Reply Mandy Sharon

    Wat ziet die markt er leuk uit zeg! Heerlijke verwennerij! de honing lijkt me ook heerlijk.

    20/02/15 at 20:21
  • Reply Tamara

    It looks beautiful and a lot of fun. I love trying local foods on a market and you sure are allowed to treat yourself once in a while. I’m curious about the honey, I always thought honey was honey. Till the moment came I tasted real honey from beekeepers and I was sold.

    Enjoy your stay!

    18/02/15 at 11:14
    • Reply Inge

      Thank you so much! The honey is delicious by the way. As you say, there is so much difference between types of honey. Good, real honey from authentic beekeepers is definitely the best. :)

      18/02/15 at 18:00

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