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Christmas fair Osnabrück

Christmas fair in Osnabrück, Germany

Have you been to a Christmas-y events this year already? I went to the Christmas fair in Osnabrück last weekend, and it was magical!

I think Christmas fairs are great for a day out. There is plenty of delicious food, the atmosphere is usually amazing and you can get some last-minute gift shopping done as well. (Yes, the incredibly organised planning freak in me would consider two weeks in advance as last-minute gift shopping, I know, I’m hopeless..)

Anyway, none of us had been to Osnabrück before, so it was a bit of a gamble going there now. It was a great choice, however, as the city has surprised me in a very positive way. There were a lot of lovely buildings, as well as cosy, trendy cafes and unique shops.


I particularly liked the organic shop slash health store, Reformhaus Backer. It had so many amazing, interesting, delicious foods and ingredients! It was a bit overwhelming, really, so out of sheer stress, I have hardly bought anything. Next time I will be prepared though, and arm myself with a list.


On the fair, I enjoyed a bit of an fragmented lunch, but all of it was terribly good. First I had three falafel patties, from Bistro de la Cameleer, which were honestly the best falafel I have ever tasted! (They are not so very photogenic, though…)

sam_4734-min sam_4735-min

And a bit later on I succumbed to the temptation of a fresh crepe, topped with only a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar. It was perfect!


Of course it wasn’t all food, although a large part of the fair consisted of that. I would have liked it if there had been a bit more stalls with unique craft items and such. But well, at least the atmosphere was great and everything looked pretty, even with the drizzle that continued all day.

Christmas fair osnabrück sam_4751-min

After exploring the fair, we strolled through the streets of the city centre a bit more. Even just looking at all the beautifully decorated window displays was a treat in itself. Going on what I have seen, I’d say Osnabrück is actually quite the chic, wealthy city.

Christmas fair osnabrück

And, what might even have been the best of all, tied with the organic store, a bit further along the street was an amazing food market! Called L+T Markthalle, it was basically just a large hall, filled with an array of little shops/stalls selling meals. There was something for everyone, from a bakery selling gorgeous bread to a Thai serving curries and stews and from an organic shop offering salads and stews to a stall baking fresh Flammkuchen (or Tarte Flambee). There were tables set up in all the open spaces, so everyone could get whatever they wanted and still eat together.

I chose a celeryburger, which was basically a fried disk of celery, and got this huge plate of food. It had delicious, crispy baked potatoes, fresh cheese, some salad and herbed tomatoes. Amazing!


The whole meal was so very tasty, as were the dishes the others got, and we all went home with our bellies full and a smile on our faces.

I had a great day, and I would definitely recommend the Christmas fair in Osnabrück to you all!

Do you like Christmas fairs? What is your favourite?

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