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City Nature: Zutphen

Every city has some hidden nature. In some cases, actual plants and nature can be quite hard to find. In others it may be a lot easier. I will set out to find nature in unexpected places. The first city to be explored: Zutphen!

city nature zutphen 4

Maybe I have taken it a little easy on myself for this first “City Nature” post. I mean, have you ever been to Zutphen? It has to be one of the greenest cities I’ve ever been. Walking around, it struck me how incredible the centre of this town is. Everywhere you go something is growing or flowering.

city nature zutphen 3


Even in the tiny streets, right in de middle of the city centre, you will find lots and lots of greens hanging over fences, climbing up on walls and tumbling out of flower baskets.

city nature zutphen 5

entrance courtyard zutphen

And then there are the courtyards. Hidden away behind old walls and gates, these little common greens can be found all across the centre and give a cosy and relaxed feeling to whoever decides to visit them. They are open to the public, so don’t feel afraid to wander into one of these little gems. Who knows what wonders you will find!

city nature zutphen 7

city nature zutphen 6

If you happen to be in the area around Zutphen this summer, why don’t you go and visit for yourself? It will be worth it, you will see! In fact, I think I might have fallen a little bit in love with this small city!

city nature zutphen 2

Over a little while I will go and explore another city to search for nature. Till then, please tell me, what is your favourite bit of city nature?

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