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Crazy Warm December

Hey you guys! Are you suffering from a serious lack of cold too? I am missing winter so badly. I mean, temperatures of 12 to 15 degrees Celsius every day, in the weeks before Christmas, that is just really not right.

Whether it is climate change (very possible) or just a random extremely warm winter, the fact remains that this is the warmest December in a very, very long time. Last Thursday even squashed the previous record for the warmest day in December, as measured at the centre for meteorology in de Bilt. The previous record from the 24th of December 1977 was surpassed by a fraction of a degree. And it is not just the one day. For weeks now, it has been so warm, it doesn’t feel like winter at all!

The warmth also has a very big impact on nature. If you look outside, you can see fresh green shoots emerge from the ground, new leaves forming on trees, butterflies fluttering even. And nice as the green may be, it is not supposed to be around yet. Whole life cycles can be disrupted by emerging from winter rest too soon. And other plants may not emerge at all, if there will be no period of frost to make them ready for a new year.

It's still/already so very green everywhere

It’s still/already again so very green everywhere

Closer to my own life, I see my horse suffering from the warmth. She has such a thick fur, which is managed by day length instead of temperature. Only the lightest of exercise will make her break into a sweat, and it takes ages for her to cool down again. I feel it even got to her immune system a bit.


And well, it just doesn’t feel very Christmas-y, does it? So we’ll have to make up for that by decorating the house, cooking nice food and drinking hot chocolate even more. I have got this delicious chocolate mousse standing in de fridge to thicken right now, to hopefully add a bit of festive feeling to dinner tonight.

My point is, you can see the effects of the warmth everywhere. And even though it makes me a bit scared, we’ll just have to hope for colder days in the new year and not let it dampen the Christmas spirit.





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    Wat een prachtige foto’s! Ik mis de kou niet hoor, ik vermaak me kostelijk en wat mij betreft mogen we zo door naar de lente. Al zou ik 1 dag sneeuw (zo’n 30 cm) toch wel heel gaaf vinden. ;)

    Maar ik snap wel dat het voor de natuur niet zo heel handig is zo.

    21/12/15 at 13:41
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